Buying A New Car

Buying a new car is a huge decision which is also a very exciting decision.  Whether you are getting a new car for functional reasons or you just want to upgrade to a nicer vehicle there are several factors you should consider.  In this post we will try to cover at least a couple of different aspects that should be considered.  This is an exciting time and an exciting decision, but we don’t want you to get over anxious and make a hasty decision.


Probably the most important factor for deciding on the type and style of vehicle you are going to buy is going to be your ability to pay for it.  While paying for a car completely up front may be the most preferable choice, by and large most car purchases are made with the use of a loan.  Typically car loans will have a pay back duration of 5 or 6 years.  The length of the loan will affect the size of your monthly payment with the longer the loan being the lower the payment will be.  In addition to price and length the third factor that affects your monthly payment is your interest rate.  Your credit score will affect both your ability to acquire financing and the interest rate of any loan offered to you.  If you are offered a high interest rate or denied financing completely because of your credit score you may consider having your credit repaired.  A credit repair service will go back through your credit history and dispute any negative items that are inaccurate or outdated to help increase your score.  We recommend a credit repair company to fix incorrect information (common from companies like Radius Global Solutions collections); they have been helping people for over a decade with great results for their clients.  Once you have financing figured out you can move on to other factors.

Gas Consumption

Gas consumption will be a major on going expense for any vehicle you purchase.  Smaller cars will generally get better gas mileage than larger cars and trucks/SUVs.  A newer and increasingly more popular option these days is to get either an electric vehicle or some type of hybrid vehicle.  As the cost of electricity in the United States is much lower than that of gasoline getting an electric or hybrid vehicle will save you a lot of money as the odometer rolls on and on.

Vehicle Size


The size of your vehicle will be affected by your gas consumption needs, but you may also need to consider other needs such as family or work.  If you have a larger family, vehicles like vans and SUVs may be the appropriate option for you.  Your work may force you to have a truck if you do work like construction or pool cleaning that requires you to either move a lot of equipment.  No matter your requirements this is an important decision as you will likely be driving this vehicle for several years.